Specially made for kids between age group 3-4

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They are very comfortable for one to try

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What we offer:

We sell our products worldwide with a high discount value of more than 50% to our customers be the first to purchase our new fashions in the industry before the increase in price select your shoes because there is free delivery to your premises.

Latest Design

We have the latest designs from the local and international markets with low prices ,choose a pair for your self during these festive season at no extra cost since we are offering the shoes at a discount hence they are cheap and affordable to all.We encourage all to feel free and visit our stores.


Cost Shoe type Quantity
2500KES Old School Per pair Buy
5500KES Sneakers Per pair Buy
3500KES Boots Per pair Buy

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Our main company is located on the Mombasa -Nairobi road for more information or consultation call the below number no charges applied.

Contact customer care:254 724 555555

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