Lets Save our Planet together!!

Wonder what Eco-book is?

Eco-book is a non-governmental organization that aims to create a platform for availing ,selling and recycling of books.No need to throw the books that you dont read,just bring them to us.


Have books you don't need?

Eco-book will sort you out. By providing us with the information regarding books that you do not require, you stan d a chance to have your books sold at a negotiatable feee. Sounds good, right?.


Turn your pages green!!!

Instead of getting rid any of your books, we provide you with access to leading recyling companies in the country that would recycle your books.


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About the Eco-book clan

The club is open for all who wish to be part of the Eco-book foundation.Lets keep our planet green together.

Eco-book LTD

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Email us:ecobook@gmail.org